The Faculty of Business and Entrepreneurship has two departments:

  • the Department of Accounting and Economics, which offers courses in the mathematical and legislative disciplines relating to the business world: Accounting, Banking and Finance, Commercial Law and Economics and
  • the Department of Management, Tourism and Hospitality, offering courses in the business disciplines that are more to do with people, how they behave and with practical business skills: Business Studies, Cookery, Food & Beverage Service, Hospitality, Management, Marketing, Office Management, Sports Management, Tour Guiding and Tourism Studies.

The Faculty of Business and Entrepreneurship offers courses for the Commerce stream of the Foundation Certificate programme, a wide range of vocational certificate and diploma qualifications, plus Commerce undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. For students seeking careers in the tourism and hospitality industry, there are certificates and a diploma, while for those seeking employment in office settings there are diplomas in Business and in Office Management. Academic pathways for future accountants, economists, general managers and marketing managers are offered through the "stair-cased" sequence of commerce certificate, diploma and degree qualifications.

Students are encouraged to enrol initially for the bachelor's degree programme but may “exit” the degree programme, if they wish, after completing the requirements for the lower level certificate or diploma programme. The faculty also offers the opportunity for graduates to return, later in their career, to study a different commerce discipline towards a graduate diploma.