The National University of Samoa Council referred hereafter as the Council is the governing body and Board of the University, as stipulated in the National University of Samoa Act 2006.

Composition of the Council

The Council consists of:

  • the Pro Chancellor who is the Chairperson;
  • the Vice-Chancellor & President;
  • a member of the Senate;
  • a member of the academic or teaching staff nominated by the Vice-Chancellor;
  • a student of the University who is not a member of the University staff;
  • the Chief Executive Officer of the Ministry of Education, Sports and Culture or nominee;
  • up to six persons who are not full time members of the staff or full time students of the University, appointed by the Head of State, acting on the advice of the Minister after consultations with the Executive Committee or Council; and
  • up to four persons co – opted by the Council at its discretion.

The current Council has twelve (12) local members and four (4) international members.





Faculty of Apllied Science                                          International Students                                                       Financial Services                                                         NUS Statutes, Regulations and Policies

Faculty of Arts                                                            Current Students                                                               ICT                                                                                Planning

Faculty of Business and Entrepreneurship                Student Administration                                                      Properties and Maintenance                                         Secretariat

Faculty of Education                                                  Student Support Services

Faculty of Health Science

Faculty of Science


Centre for Samoan Studies                                        

Oloamanu Centre



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