The National University of Samoa will be recognised nationally, regionally and internationally as a vibrant and innovative centre of excellence in research, Samoan Studies and quality teaching and training across all disciplines.


To be the provider of Samoan Studies, quality teaching, professional training and research to meet the human resource needs of the country.


For the National University of Samoa:

  1. to be recognized nationally and internationally as the premiere research institute in Samoa;
  2. to actively upgrade and maintain quality and creativity in teaching and learning;
  3. to foster strong international partnerships and effective community engagement;
  4. to transform the University’s physical and IT infrastructure to strategically support research, teaching and learning, community engagement and international partnerships and leadership and governance;
  5. to ensure strict adherence to principles and practices of successful leadership and good governance in the administration of the University at all levels.


These values underpin all activities of the University and articulate ideals for which it aspires to hold itself accountable.

  1. Dedication and commitment
  2. Respect for Samoan culture
  3. Collaboration
  4. Entrepreneurship
  5. Innovation and creativity
  6. Integrity and accountability
  7. Diversity
  8. Financial sustainability
  9. Responsiveness
  10. Achievement and excellence

FACULTIES                                                          STUDENTS

Faculty of Applied Science                                     International Students

Faculty of Arts                                                          Current Students

Faculty of Business and Entrepreneurship          Student Administration

Faculty of Education                                               Student Support Services

Faculty of Medicine                                                 Statutes and Regulations

Faculty of Science


Centre for Samoan Studies

Oloamanu Centre

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