The University welcomes students applications for admission to a PROGRAMME offered by its following faculties and centres;

Each programme has regulations outlining admission criteria  and the courses required  to complete the qualification.  It is important you check what courses are compulsory and what courses are available as options for your  programme.  

Please CLICK HERE to download our application form.  (size 318 KB)

Documents Required

Important documents to  submit with your Admission  application  are;

  • Two certified copies of birth certificate or passport
  • Two certified copies of academic transcript(s)
  • Certified copy of academic qualification(s
  • For mature applicants only, evidence from employers and/or trainers of at least two years full-time relevant work experience and/or training must be attached
  • For Faculty of Medicine applicants only – essay & curriculum vitae
  • For Master’s by Thesis & Doctoral applicants only – Research Proposal

Please note Incomplete applications will not be processed.


Upon Admission to their chosen programme, students must enrol in their courses. Enrolment for both semesters  are normally;

·        Semester 1 -      February

·        Semester 2 -      July   

Late enrolments are permitted until the end of  Week 2 and will incur a fee.   Please read the Calendar 2017 to confirm the courses you need to complete your programme.

In the event you cannot complete the course please ensure you withdraw officially to avoid getting a fail grade

Deadline Dates

Deadlines are;

  • Week 2, Friday:  Change programme and/or courses
  • Week 5, Friday:  Withdrawal with tuition refund and payment of tuition fees
  • Mid-semester week, Friday: Payment of outstanding fees without penalty fee. 10% of the amount owing is added to the late fees at the beginning of week 8 of lectures
  • Week 10, Friday: Withdrawal with no refund

FACULTIES                                                     STUDENTS

Faculty of Applied Science                                    International Students

Faculty of Arts                                                          Current Students

Faculty of Business and Entrepreneurship      Student Administration

Faculty of Education                                               Student Support Services

Faculty of Medicine

Faculty of Science


Centre for Samoan Studies

Oloamanu Centre

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