The National University of Samoa Library Rules are published annually in the NUS Calendar:

  • Fines will be charged for books and other items returned after the due date.
  • No one may speak loudly in the formal reading and study area of the libraries.
  • In the computer, catalogue and reference areas, quiet conversation is permitted for the purpose of seeking assistance or consulting the catalogues.
  • No person shall create any unnecessary noise or disturbance, or behave in a disorderly or improper manner in the libraries.
  • No person shall deliberately or carelessly mutilate, deface or misplace any library material or equipment.
  • No person shall sing loudly, joke, or consume food, chewing gums or bring bottles of water or cans of drinks in the libraries.
  • Except with the prior authorisation of the University Librarian, no person shall distribute or post any notices in the libraries.
  • No person shall bring into the library any school bags. Please leave your bag behind the counter with the staff when you enter the library.
  • All persons shall, when requested by a library staff member, present for inspection their folders and belongings when they leave the library.
  • Failure to conform with the above rules will result in the loss of a person's borrowing rights, at the discretion of the University Librarian.
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