1. ISBN ( International Standard Book Number ) and ISSN ( International Standard Serial Number )

One of the main functions in cataloguing and classifying books is to describe the physical format of books and other sources in our collection. Librarians provide CIP or Cataloguing in Publication data for publishers and intending authors or new writers / editors.
The Library provides this important link with the University of the South Pacific, where we request ISBN on behalf of our CSS and local publishers and authors. We provide this service free of charge and require some key factual information from writers and local publishers.
In filling in the ISBN form, we require the following details: Title, Subtitle of the book, any variant title, the author or editors, the publisher, An abstract, Preface or Foreword, Disclaimer Statement, Table of Contents, Number of pages, Illustrations etc.

2. The ISSN is requested from the ISSN Centre in Paris, France.

Again it is free of charge and very similar information are required such as those above. Again these requests are filled in using the Online forms and submitted by electronic mail. If the information are unsatisfactory or insufficient, the Overseas Office has the prerogative to decline the request unless all the relevant and appropriate information are provided by us here.

3. Photocopying and Scanning

Ask library staff for assistance with photocopying and scanning.
A4 Paper .20 sene per page
A3 paper $1 per page

Scanning of documents costs 50 sene per page
LAVASPOT CARDS available at the main Library to access the wireless or WI-FI network on campus. Different costs depending on the hourly rate.

4. Borrowing

To borrow items, bring your items to the desk and show your student ID or staff ID.
Reference collection: Items can be used within the library only. Newspapers are housed behind the desk.
Reserve collection: These items are held behind the desk. Items can be used within the library, or students can borrow up to 2 items from this collection overnight after 4pm. Staff may borrow up to 5 items overnight. Items must be returned by 9am.
General collection: Students and external borrowers may borrow up to 10 items from the general collection for two weeks. Loans can be renewed if you wish to borrow the item for longer than two weeks. Staff may borrow up to 20 items for three weeks, which can be renewed.
Samoa and Pacific collection: Students and external borrowers may use these items within the library, or borrow up to 2 items overnight. Staff can borrow up to 5 items from this collection overnight.
Journals can only be borrowed by staff as overnight loans, returnable by 9am. Students and other users are welcome to use journals within the library and photocopy items.
Law collection: Students and staff may borrow up to 3 items from this collection for 2 weeks. Lawyers and legal practitioners pay a subscription fee of $60 per year to borrow from this collection. Lawyers and legal practitioners can borrow up to 10 items for 2 weeks, and loans can be renewed.

5. Overdue Fees

The best way to avoid fees is to bring back your items on time or renew your items by coming to the library or phoning us on 20072 ext. 366 / 300 / 365 / 370.
Failure to return overdue books or pay for lost books means an automatic seize of that staff or student's borrowing privileges from the Library.
General collection and law collection: 50 sene per day late.
Reserve collection, Samoan and Pacific collection, journals: $1 per hour late
Lost or damaged items
If you lose or damage a library item you must pay the replacement cost of the item and a $25 administrative fee.

6. Other Libraries
Students and staff should use the NUS libraries as their first resource for their studies and research, but can also access the Nelson Memorial Public Library in town and the USP library at Alafua for information. See our Links page for contact details of other libraries in Samoa.
7. Interlibrary Loans
If you can't find the information you need within our libraries, we provide an interlibrary loan service for a fee – if you need to access a book or journal article from one of the other libraries in Samoa, or even from a library in New Zealand, the NUS libraries can arrange for it to be delivered to NUS for you to access. Interlibrary loans from New Zealand are arranged by Avalogo through the Te Puna system. Contact him at : ttunupopo.nus.edu.ws or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your request.
Students: $10 for up to 3 items.
Staff: $20 for up to 5 items, plus other costs, e.g. air-freight.

8. Useful Links ( Links to authoritative websites and FREE internet online databases that are identified as useful to educational, academic and research institutions such as NUS.
Inclusion of links is based on the librarian's judgement of selective websites that are current and relevant to the University curriculum and library collection development.

FACULTIES                                                          STUDENTS

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Faculty of Business and Entrepreneurship          Student Administration

Faculty of Education                                               Student Support Services

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Faculty of Science


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