The Governance Policy and Planning division was officially established in February 2015.  The division, which is headed by a Director, comprises the Planning Unit, Secretariat and the Policy Unit.  The division is responsible for overseeing the University’s:

  •         policy development, management and governance
  •         Council and Executive Committee meetings
  •         high level Committee meetings (Vice-Chancellors Committee, Senate etc)
  •         records management
  •         planning and development
  •         legislative reporting (Corporate Plan, Annual Report, Quarterly Reports)
  •         website content administration

Overview of Services:



   Office of Director    Council / Executive Committee Secretariat Support
   University Statutes, Regulations and Policies Administration
   University Reporting (Quarterly, Annual and Corporate Plan)
   Internal Education Sector Coordination and Planning
   Ombudsman Liaison Officer
    Secretariat    NUS Committee Secretariat Support
   University information direction (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
   University Records Management
   University Website Administration
    Planning    University Project Management
   University Planning and Development Management
   University Planning Information Management
   Space Utilisation Assessments and Reporting
   NUS Statistical Digest
   Campus Master Plan
   Policy    University Statute, Regulation and Policy Development and Management
   Policy consultations
   Governance and Policy promulgation
   Policy Research and Analysis



Contact Information

Governance, Policy and Planning
Lepapaigalagala Campus, First Floor Taputo’i building
Phone: +685 20072 x 416 or Email: gpp(at) 

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