Welcome to the current students page for the National University of Samoa. Here you will find important notices and links that will help you during your time on campus:

Important Downloads

The calendar contains information about each course offered for each programme, including details about the course's prerequisites (the other courses or academic standards the student must have achieved before being permitted to enrol for that course). Students must read the regulations for the programme they plan to take, to ensure that they complete the prerequisites required for their subsequent study. The faculty office can advise students who need help planning which courses to take.

Faculties & Departments

The following are links to the various Faculties at NUS. Each faculty offers their own unique programmes and courses. 


The NUS has two main centres offering a variety of courses.

Admissions & Enrollment

All students seeking admission to NUS to pursue a programme of study must meet the admission standards for that programme, please complete an Enrolment form  (Download Form Here) or uplift one from the Student Administration Office (Ground floor of Taputoi’ Building). Completed forms and supporting documents to be submitted to the Student Administration Office.

Programme Regulations and Schedules
For each certificate, diploma and degree qualification there are regulations that specify the exact requirements for admission to that programme and schedules of compulsory and optional courses the students must complete to be eligible to graduate with that qualification.

University Research

FACULTIES                                                          STUDENTS

Faculty of Applied Science                                     International Students

Faculty of Arts                                                          Current Students

Faculty of Business and Entrepreneurship          Student Administration

Faculty of Education                                               Student Support Services

Faculty of Medicine                                                 Statutes and Regulations

Faculty of Science


Centre for Samoan Studies

Oloamanu Centre

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