Talofa lava and welcome

In 2007 Samoa hosted the South Pacific Games for the second time. The first time was in 1983.
The National University of Samoa gymnasium was built by the government in the grounds of the university at Le Papaigalagala for the SPG in 2007.
The main sport using the gymnasium during the games was volleyball.

The gym hosted the Judo World Championship in 2013

NUS is thankful to the government of Samoa for building such an important facility within the institution. The gym enables the university to offer students, staff and the community a chance to get fit with a range of sports activities. The seating capacity is over thousand. There are two squash courts one single and one double. The weights room is well equipped with modern exercise machines. The gym also consists of two medium size conference rooms’ upstairs and a good parking area. A huge veranda facing the ocean, an ideal space for family or business barbeque on sports day. The facility has twenty eight restrooms and sixteen showers. There are two volleyball courts, one netball court and a basketball court.

It is also rented out to family reunions, government ministries and Sport Associations. The gym is used twice a year for enrolment and exams and three times a year for graduation ceremonies.

The Faculty of Applied Science opened its Health Clinic at the gym in 2013. The clinic offers free check up for students, staff and the community. Donations are welcomed

Opening Hours

The gym is open from Monday to Friday at 8am-7pm.

Gym Activities

We conduct fitness classes such as aerobics high low, tabata, circuit and boxing from Monday to Friday.
Squash and Weights are from 8am to 7pm
Lausinasina Samoan Siva lessons are at 11am on Saturdays.

Contact Numbers

NUS 20-072 ext 191/190
Mobile 75-96140
Email- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

NUS Gym Challenge 2019


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