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This course introduces students to the organisation and structures of the human body and develops an understanding of the way the healthy body functions.
Offered: Semester 2
Prerequisites: HNS112/HNS152
Contact hours per week: 6
Assessment: 60% coursework, 40% examination
This course provides nursing students with an understanding of biology, chemistry and physics concepts relevant to the structure and functions of the human body. Emphasis is on the application of these concepts to a healthy body. Students will use a problem-solving approach to a patient’s healthcare needs. Mathematical principles applicable for nursing practice are also explored.
Offered: Semester 1
Co-requisites: HNS111, HNS151
Contact hours per week: 7
Assessment: 50% coursework, 50% examination
This course explores and discusses available Nursing Philosophy as basis of nursing care and caring for the people and the Samoan philosophy of nursing that will be used as the caring framework for the provision of nursing.
Offered: Semester 1
Contact hours per week: 3
Assessment: 60% coursework, 40% examination
Amended 2011
1.1 An applicant shall be eligible to be admitted to the Postgraduate Diploma in
Nursing if that applicant:
a) has a minimum of two years relevant experience after completing a qualification or as acceptable to the Dean, and
b) has completed the requirements for an undergraduate nursing degree at the National University of Samoa or any recognised tertiary institution, or
c) holds current nursing registration from the Samoa Council of Nursing and Midwifery and a current Annual Practising Certificate.
1.2 An applicant may be eligible to be admitted with standing to the
Postgraduate Diploma in Nursing if that applicant:
a) has a minimum of two years relevant experience after completing a qualification or as acceptable to the Dean, and
b) is a Registered Nurse with an undergraduate award in a discipline other than nursing from a recognised university or other tertiary institution, or
c) has a hospital-awarded Certificate in Nursing, at least three years' experience with evidence of continuous professional education, and has passed two transitional courses specified by Senate, or
d) is a Registered Nurse who has completed the WHO-designed Advanced Diploma in Nursing or equivalent from a recognised institution and has evidence of continued professional education.
Not less than two semesters.
4.1 This programme consists of six courses in one of the following specialisations, as well as a two-week intensive workshop.
a) High Dependency and Acute Care
b) Mental Health
c) Midwifery
d) Primary Healthcare
4.2 Specialisations
a) High Dependency and Acute Care
HNS531, HNS532, HNS533, HNS541, HNS542, HNS543
b) Mental Health
HNS551, HNS552, HNS553, HNS561, HNS562, HNS563
c) Midwifery
HNS511, HNS512, HNS513, HNS521, HNS522, HNS523
d) Primary Healthcare
HNS571, HNS572, HNS573, HNS581, HNS582, HNS583.
Three courses per semester.
To be awarded a Postgraduate Diploma in Nursing a student must pass the six courses specified in 4.2 above in one of the specialisations.
7. These regulations are effective from 1 January, 2006.
This course is designed to facilitate the development and application of action research and writing skills for those involved in technical and vocational education. The course also gives students practical experience in conducting a literature review and using a relevant referencing style in a research paper.
Offered: Semester 1
Prerequisites: One 200-level HVE course
Contact hours per week: 2
Assessment: 100% coursework

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