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This course requires the midwifery student to utilise their theoretical understanding and knowledge to acquire skills in the application of midwifery practice. Students complete a Midwifery Experience Record on which their competencies are noted.
Offered: Semester 1
Contact Hours: 1 day/week lecture, 4 days/week clinical practice
Assessment: 100% competency based
This course provides the midwifery students with an understanding of childbearing as a normal development in the life cycle of a woman and her family. It prepares the student to provide expert care and high quality services to families from before the child’s conception through to the end of the first year of its life.
Offered: Semester 1
Contact Hours: 14 weeks of 3 hours per week
Assessment: 50% viva, 50% examination
This course provides the midwifery students with advanced knowledge of scientific theories related to childbearing, develops critical reasoning and expert clinical skills in the management, monitoring and evaluating of women and their families during the reproductive life cycle.
Offered: Semester 1
Contact Hours: 14 weeks of 3 hours per week
Assessment: 60% coursework, 40% examination
This course explores the principles and concepts of primary healthcare, epidemiology and community development in conducting community health assessments.
Offered: Semester 2
Prerequisites: HNS264
Contact hours per week: 9
Assessment: 100% coursework,
This course is the final of the series of five (5) nursing practice courses across the Bachelor of Nursing program. It further consolidates knowledge and skills necessary for the provision of quality nursing care. Student is supervised at nursing care settings by Clinical Preceptors and shall continue to use reflectional practice to improve own practice.
Offered: Semester 2
Contact hours per week: 16
Prerequisites: HNS165, HNS262, HNS353
Assessment: 100% coursework

Latest News

Thumbnail With the coordination support of the School of Nursing, the National Kidney Foundation provided free kidney screening for staff and students at the National University of Samoa’s main campus at To’omatagi. The screenings were held on April 4th and April 11th between 10 am – 2pm. The process...
Thumbnail The 2019 graduation ceremony was a special day for the School of Medicine as the first graduate of the Master of Surgery in Orthopaedics, Dr Stephen Sikaveke Kodoravu, was conferred the degree to the celebration of his instructors and family. The Master of Surgery in Orthopaedics is the first...
Thumbnail The Yazaki Kizuna Foundation Scholarship Awards Ceremony was held at the Aoa Conference Room on Monday the 3rd of April, 2019. Yazaki Kizuna Foundation was inaugurated by Yazaki Corporation to provide scholarships to those who are eager to contribute to Samoa’s development, and pursue an academic...
Thumbnail The team from Nagano College of Nursing Japan which comprised two members of faculty and three third year students recently completed the students’ two week exchange program in Samoa. The exchange program between the two institutions commenced after a Memoranda of Understanding was signed in 2001...
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