The International Symposium on ICT in development 2015 (SICTD 2015) is jointly hosted by the National University of Samoa and Ibaraki University, Japan and is to be held from 25th-27th November.

The aim is to bring together academics and practitioners to share their valuable knowledge and experience in the use or applications of ICT for sustainable development.  The symposium is multidisciplinary in nature with presentations in the areas of ICT in education, climate change, governance, environment and disasters, green ICT technologies and in development.

With the ever increasing importance and pervasiveness of ICT in our lives, this symposium examines the application of ICT across multiple disciplines and with a particular focus of ICY in the context of developing countries like Samoa.  it is hoped that in the deliberations in this forum, the transformational nature of ICT along with the many issues and challenges that ICT brings will be discussed with some detail.  The value of these exchanges are as stimulus for thought but also provides valuable lessons in the leveraging of ICT for combatting poverty and disease, monitoring disasters and climate change and innovative ways for the delivery of services in education, government and health to name a few.

NUS sees research as a key priority area in its development and growth and events like this which promote research in such an increasingly important areas as ICT is crucial and pivotal as a means of fostering our research culture.  Furthermore it provides vital exposure and capacity building for NUS staff and students alike in the area of ICT in development.

The symposium is open to all those interested.  The symposium is multidisciplinary in nature and useful to all those interested in the contributions of the applications of ICT in development from fields including science, education, health, climate change and risk management.

It is expected that 40 to 60 delegates will take part in this symposium with 20 international participants.  The international participants are academics from Sri Lanka, Japan, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, Fiji and American Samoa.  The symposium will take place over three days with two days of presentations and the third day set aside for a field trip.  There are 39 presentations, 33 will be presented face to face and 6 presented virtually via Skype.

Registration is now open.  For locals the following rates apply:

Regular registration - $150ST or $50 per day

Student Registration $120ST or $40 per day

Conference Dinner $60ST.

Registration includes refreshments and cost of book of abstracts.  Does not include dinner.

Registration payment details email Lydal Visan at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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