For the past few weeks, the International office has been hosting a Staff Mobility from Poland, Mrs. Joanna Denkowska from the Silesian University of Technology (SUT) who arrived on the 29th of May. Mrs. Denkowska has since been working with the International Coordinator, Iliganoa Matuu and is expected to return to Poland on the 21st June.

Mrs. Denkowska was selected under the CARIBU Project for one month staff mobility to NUS to work in the International office. CARIBU is an Erasmus Mundus Action 2 (EMA2) partnership program that aims at increasing academic mobility, research and capacity building opportunities between 8 EU universities (Belgium (2), Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Poland, Portugal, Romania) and countries from the ACP region (Cameroon, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda, Mozambique, Gambia, Ghana, the Bahamas, Suriname, Timor-Leste, Samoa). The project has been funded with support from the European Commission and is devoted to creating a mutual forum for scientific cooperation, learning enhancement and exchange of best practices.

Mrs. Denkowska being the Head of the International Mobility Office of SUT has given NUS a unique opportunity to work together with a professional whose responsibilities includes all aspects of International Cooperation.  Although the Erasmus Mundus Program (CARIBU Project) has come to an end, it is through this staff mobility and with the network gained from EU and ACP partners that NUS hopes to strengthen international cooperation and inter-institutional cooperation.

According to the NUS International Coordinator, it has been a very productive and positive opportunity to be working alongside Mrs. Denkowska through the exchange of best practices, mutual sharing of knowledge and discussing possibilities for future collaborations.

Mrs. Denkowska has been able to learn about the HE system in Samoa, learn about scholarship opportunities available to NUS students and staff, and to propose the possibility to develop cooperation and capacity building opportunities between the two universities.

Also this time last year, NUS hosted a staff mobility from Romania, Mr. Serban Meza from the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca. Mr. Serban worked closely with the IT and Multimedia department and also shared best practices and presented a workshop on “Tools for creating multimedia content at the National University of Samoa - the Adobe after Effects platform” and also held a seminar entitled “Using ICT in Higher Education. Developing ICT Skills for University Professors - the Romanian experience in the project”

In addition under the CARIBU Project, three NUS students, Robert Ugapo, Wanda Pau, and Rosanna Sua were able to study in Belgium for a 10 month exchange at Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) and returned to Samoa and graduated this year in April with their Masters in Education. There are two NUS staff members, Pauline Lee Hang and Victory Utumapu Milford currently studying under the CARIBU Scholarship for their full time Master’s Degree at VUB and are expected to complete within this year.

The CARIBU project has proven to be very effective and has had a positive impact for students and staff of the National University of Samoa.

Caption: from left to right. Iliganoa Matuu, Cheri M Robinson Moors, Mrs. Joanna Denkowska


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