Three NUS students became the lucky winners of an NUS ICT Student Profile Survey carried out at the start of 2018 Enrolment Week. The survey, facilitated by the office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor Corporate Services, was delivered to prospective and returning students enrolling for the 2018 Academic Year at the NUS. The purpose of the survey was to gauge the ICT profile of students to inform services developments and initiatives in support of student studies at NUS.

Technology is critical to students’ studies. It enables access to widely available online information, about various fields of studies and support research. In addition, it enables students’ access to remote places and information.

Understanding the importance of technology, the survey sought to identify whether students had personal ICT devices such as laptops, tablets and smart phones. Access to internet and use of communication channels and social media platforms were also included in the survey.

SSAB and Bluesky Samoa Ltd were able to provide their valuable support of this NUS ICT Survey initiative, by donating prizes for survey winners. This included a HP Printer and Nextbook from SSAB and a 4G Smartphone from Bluesky

Caption: Faauuga Neemia, Winner of the 4G smartphone sponsored by

Bluesky, with Bluesky staff member Melinda Brown

The prizes were integral to increasing the response rate of students. All students were invited to participate in the survey, and a total of approximately 1,200 surveys were completed. Winners were selected at random from the surveys submitted. The prize winners were:

1.     Fa’auuga Neemia: Bachelor of Commerce           

2.     Tumama Foisia: Foundation Certificate-General

3      Ropati Saolotoga: Bachelor of Nursing

Caption: Winner of the Nextbook tablet - Tumama Foisia, and HP printer winner – Ropati Saolotoga,  sponsored by SSAB with SSAB staff member Jaffa Faumuina

The prize-winners expressed their gratitude to Bluesky, SSAB and NUS for a great initiative, and vowed to use their prizes wisely to further their learning particularly with the use of the internet.


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