NUS Orientation, 2019 - New Students

NUS Orientation, 2019 - New Students
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The Planning Unit, in collaboration with SkyEye Consultancy have taken a major step towards the preparation of the Campus Master Plan. This collaborative effort has taken shape in a project to provide NUS with a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software designated to store, retrieve, manage, display and analyse all types of geographic and spatial data. This project is a baseline study and analysis of the campus build out potential and opportunities as part of the concept plan preparation.   

The procurement of SkyEye consultancy’s services to do utilities, 2D & 3D mapping on all three NUS Campuses as well as providing training on GIS software will assist the University in collecting data relating to all utilities and assets on the three campuses which range from buildings, roads, street lights, rubbish bins, car parks, trees and septic tanks. All these features with their physical attributes and properties such as colour, height, area, volume even down to their specific and accurate location will be stored on an editable database that is updated over time..

Back: GPP staff

Front: Fa’asootauloa Sam Saili (CEO Skyeye), Vice-Chancellor NUS, Manager-Planning NUS, Nomeneta Saili (Skyeye)

The data this software produces not only contributes to the Planning Unit itself in terms of proposed developments with progressively more accurate proposals that is backed by sufficiently precise information but saves time and money as well in that we would be able to provide site assessments ourselves. Furthermore, with the proposed GIS course offered by FOS this is a good opportunity in terms of training for some of the staff who may be interested in this field.

The information that the Planning Unit collects from this activity will extensively contribute to making sound and informed decisions by the University management in ensuring the provision of safe facilities and sustainable developments that adheres to national development standards for students and staff.

Sincere gratitude is given to Fa’asootauloa Sam Saili, Nomeneta Saili and the Skyeye team for agreeing to take on this project and working with NUS in the preparation and setting up of the University’s first 2D & 3D GIS system. The Planning Unit is also appreciative of the support and expertise by the respective divisions and sections involved such as Properties and Maintenance, Finance, ICT, DVC – CS and the University’s website administrator. This was a good showcase of stakeholder partnership and internal sectoral cooperation in the successfully implementation of this project and hope to continue in the same manner moving forward.  



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