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If you have a strong heart, you would care enough to make the difference and end violence in your families and in your communities.

This was the message from the United Nations Women Country Programme Coordinator Ms Suisala Mele Maualaivao in an interview with N.U.S. Media.

A message that was shared during the Fun Run with the international theme ‘Strong hands, stop violence against women and girls’ held at the Samoa Tourism Authority (S.T.A.) Fale this morning.

“Today is the international Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women and Girls and it is celebrated globally around the world,” she said.

“It is the first day of 16 days of activism. It starts with the International Elimination of Violence Against Women and it finishes on November 10th with the international Day of Human Rights.”

So we decided to do a fun run to end violence against women.

Mrs. Mauala’ivao also explained the main aim behind the fun run.

“We really just wanted the public to come out and do a healthy activity, such as zumba, running and eat some healthy food,” she said.

“If you have a strong heart, you are caring enough to make a difference and end violence in your family and in your communities.”

“Strong hand comes from strong heart. It is not about physically but it is about being brave enough to say that this is wrong and you need different ways to engage with people you care about.”

This is the first time for such Fun Run event to be celebrated here in Samoa and Mrs. Mauala’ivao spoke of how the public participated.

“It is the first but I do not think it is going to be last. Everybody had a really good time and it really nice to see,” Mrs. Mauala’ivao said.

“It has been raining and we thought there might be fifty people but it looks like we had 150.

“Everybody needs to be involved because we have to end violence.”

 The finale of the event will be the international day for Human Rights.

“The human Right Institute of Samoa is going to launch their National Inquiry on Gender Based Violence,” she said.

“It is obvious that there are a lot of different ministries, organisations and government bodies know that this is the real issue in Samoa, and we are all trying to do our part in one way or another.”

The Fun Run is not the only programme for the first day of the international E.V.A.W.

There is going to be the Ten’s Tournament at the Apia Park later today which is the E.V.A.W. Tournament hosted by the Samoa Rugby Union (S.R.U.).

Other initiatives also include a Y.W.C.A. Rise Up Forum at the Ministry of Health conference room and also the Samoa Family Health has a session too and these are open to the public.

The U.N. Women has partnered with Digicel Samoa, Ministry of Women’s Community and Social Development (W.C.S.D.), Samoa Australian Police Partnership (S.A.P.P.) and U.N. Agencies in commemorating and promoting programmes to Eliminate Violence Against Women.

Caption: Media Class – Media and Journalism students who took part in this morning’s Fun Run.

Caption: Mele Maualaivao – UN Women Country Programme Coordinator sharing the message of ending violence against

women during the Fun Run this morning.

*Katalina Tovia is a final year media and journalism student at NUS.




Twenty eight percent of Samoans are living below the basic needs poverty line, the day two keynote speaker told the Measina Samoa Conference at the National University of Samoa this morning.

Fuimapoao Beth Onesemo  Tuilaepa, Chief Executive Officer of the Ministry of Women Community and Social Development spoke of the many challenges faced by the Samoan people nowadays.

“46% of women are against violence,” she said.

“There are still an increasing number of children mainly abused by their own relatives, 79% of children bullying other children.”

“There is also an increase in the number of people affected by lifestyle diseases especially non-communicable diseases.”

“The increasing number of theft in different organisations because people wanting to meet the needs of church donations, family fa’alavelaves and daily needs. The differences between urban and rural areas, the performances of boys and girls in schools, and also between private and public schools,” Fuimapoao said.

Fuimapoao added that these changes occurred due to traditional, religious, and personal beliefs.

Fathers have sexually abused their own daughters are also involved in such cases.  With the mentality that she is my daughter, I own her and I am the only one who knows what is good for her. There is a rising number in teenage pregnancy because parents do not spend enough time to consult their children about the many changes of life. Parents do not intend to teach their children but they intend to punish them.

Fuimapoao explained that these changes are a clear indication that the methods from the past cannot meet the challenges of today.”

She concluded by saying, “The solution that we might be working on to overcome these challenges is to trust and strengthening our ties between our culture and our christian beliefs.”

 “The main focus is for us to hand over to our children a peaceful and happy life. We all want a peaceful Samoa and be the place where all our children can dream and achieve their dreams.”

Fuimapoao Beth Onesemo Tuilaepa was a member of the Justice and Courts Administration, a consultant for the Samoa Police Services, and also the former Chief Executive Officer for Public Service Commission for six years.

Photo caption: Challenges faced Samoans today, Fuimaopo Beth Onesemo Tuilaepa, during her speech.

*Katalina Tovia is a final year media and journalism student at the NUS


The 7th Measina Samoa Conference opened at the National University of Samoa (NUS) Fale this morning with the theme, Practices may Change but the Foundation Remains. The official opening ceremony began with an ava ceremony prepared by the NUS Centre for Sāmoa Studies and the welcoming of participants and guests by the master of ceremony, Matiu Matavai Tautunu.

The opening prayer was said by the chair of the National Council of Churches, deacon Kasiano Leaupepe. The keynote address was delivered by the retired vice president of Lands and Titles Court, Afioga Faamausili Solonaima Brown.

“I strongly believe that tradition and culture are precious because I am respected as a matai Samoa,” said Faamausili.

“Samoa is founded on God since Malietoa Faigā accepted the missionaries from Britain. That was when changes were made, as the pastor was called susuga but not for Malietoa anymore.”

Faamausili also explained the changes during the arrival of the missionaries.

“The changes which people faced nowadays are mainly because of mental, physical and especially the way they live their lives.”

“The family’s income as their main focus of life.”

“Others do bet on religions’ donations for they do not want any other family to be on the top but their family,” she said.

She mentioned the challenges that include donations for the religions in Samoa.

“Some are not happy because of the many donations needed by the churches, such as Faiga Me, Alofa and Taulaga,” she explained.

Apart from the challenges in the churches she also talked about the changes within the Samoa culture as in between the matai sa’o and the extended families.

“The matai sa’o bestows new matai titles without the knowledge of the extended families.”

“The matai sa’o divides the extended families in different saofa’iga to satisfy what they want.

“The current matai sa’o decides to relocate the children of the latest matai sa’o so that he can have the land all to himself.

“The latest matai sa’o’s son wants to become the next matai sa’o without mentioning the tautua from the families while the matai sa’o was alive,” Faamausili said.

Faamausili thanked God for dismissing the act to note the rightful owners of traditional lands for it solved many issues between Samoan families who have lost their lands.

She asked the participants when Samoa will overcome these issues concerning the culture and tradition through lands and titles.

“May God help us, may we hold on to our culture and traditions for it might be stolen from us,” she concluded.

The conference will continue until Thursday the 17th of November 2016.


7th Measina Conference keynote address. Afioga Fa'amausili Solonaima Brown




Photo Caption: The 7th Measina Samoa Conference Opening group photo.

 *Katalina Tovia is a final year Media and Journalism student at the NUS




The National University of Samoa’s Annual Fund (N.U.S.A.F.) Bingo Raffle has raised ST $30,000 towards a new amphitheatre for the campus.

The raffle was drawn on Wednesday after the launch of twenty sheltered benches, also funded by the N.U.S.A.F, at the Taputoi Building Foyer.

The launch began with a prayer said by Mata’afa Ratami Fatilua, the N.U.S.A.F. representative.

Acting N.U.S.A.F. Chair, Cheri Moana Robinson Moors, also Acting Vice Chancellor thanked all the contributors who worked together in making the project a success.

“I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincerest gratitude and appreciation to our National University of Samoa for your efforts and contributing to making this happen,” she said.

“We give thanks to our Heavenly Father for enabling this day and this occasion for us all.

“Thank you to the Chair and members of N.U.S.A.F committee.  We recognise your dedication, your efforts and progressing as well as making this initiative possible.”

She also acknowledged the support of the National University of Samoa Student Association (N.U.S.S.A) for contributing to the development as part of the community.

The continuing projects include the twenty sheltered benches made by the students of Carpentry and Joinery Programme from the Faculty of Applied Sciences.

The Deputy Vice Chancellor, Taito John Roache, explained the benches project.

“These benches were made by the students for the students,” Mr Roache said.

“Each bench costs ST$2,000.00 which adds up to ST$40,000.00 for the whole project and we are expecting our upcoming project which is an Amphitheatre as in the amount of more than a million,” Mr Roache said.

The programme ended with the raffle draw where five members of the NUS staff won cash prizes.

The first prize of ST$2,000.00 cash was won by Afualo Dr Salele of the Faculty of Business and Entrepreneurship (F.O.B.E) and was received by the Dean, Seve Folototo Seve.

The Student’s Association won the second prize of ST$1,000.00 cash.

 The third prize, also ST $1,000.00 cash, was won by Penelope Schoffelof the Centre of Samoa Studies.

Two ST$500.00 prizes were won by Peseta Desmond Lee Hang (Deputy Vice Chancellor and Felton Pavitt (Governance, Policy and Planning).

Also, the fourth prize, a one-time $500 scholarship, was provided by 1FirstCashAdvance & it was awarded to Adannaya Nkruma Ayodele, the winner of the contest. The SDL365 Achievers Scholarship contest was designed to help students reduce their education cost and it is available for all the US citizens.

The draw was held under the supervision of the Ministry of Police.

Photo Caption : Deputy Vice Chancellor, Taito John Roache at the launching of twenty sheltered benches yesterday.

Photo Caption : Receiving First Prize on behalf of Afualo Dr. Wood Salele, F.O.B.E. Dean, Seve Folototo Seve.

*By Katalina Tovia (Katalina Tovia is a final year media and journalism student at NUS)


Meeting competency standards at the National University of Samoa (NUS) through its trade programmes require quality supply of resources and equipment.

For years it has always been a challenge getting all the help NUS needed to achieve such standards.

Now, the Australian-Pacific Technical College (A.P.T.C) has come to the rescue by handing over ST$40,000 worth of refrigeration and air conditioning items during a brief ceremony on campus this week.

Such donation would enable NUS with its delivery of practical sessions for staff and students undertaking the Refrigeration and Air Condition programme.

The Country Manager of the A.P.T.C, Mrs Pat Vella handed over this donation to the Vice Chancellor and President of NUS, Professor Fui Le’apai Tu’ua ‘Ilaoa Asofou So’o.

“We had been delivering refrigeration and conditioning training to Pacific Islanders in a cooperative and collaborative way,” said Mrs Vella.

Both the NUS and A.P.T.C. trainers had been working closely in delivering this programme and providing support to each other as well on how to use such equipment.

“I think this is a great positive feature of our partnership here in Samoa,” she said.

The university in 2006 merged with the then Samoa Polytechnic that used to house the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning training.  Competency standards were reviewed to enhance quality delivery in line with national competency standards offered by the industry.  

“The refrigeration and air conditioning programme is now even more important in Samoa as well as the only registered training in the refrigeration and air-conditioning area,” added Mrs Vella.

“A.P.T.C. will continue to offer refrigeration and air-conditioning training but we will be doing that in the future in our campuses in Fiji and Papua New Guinea (P.N.G.).”

“There is a significant demand for this program right across the Pacific and we do acknowledge the importance of that.

“Those locations however were there to suit the program and the growth needs of the program,” she said.

The donation included large and small equipment as well as consumable items related to the repair and installation of refrigeration and air conditioning appliances.

“So as result of A.P.T.C. moving out of that delivery area here in Samoa, we are in a fortunate position of being able to handover some materials, equipment and consumable materials.”

Mrs. Vella also said that it was a great deal of excitement at seeing the smiles of the students when unpacking the equipment.

“Especially equipment that is very difficult at time to purchase here in Samoa and hopefully provide an additional boost to the training program.”

In support of the A.P.T.C donation, the Acting High Commissioner of Australia to Samoa, Rosemary McKay added that: “This is just one part of the Australian government overall support to the education sector and to post school education and training.”

“We are really pleased to say that both the A.P.T.C. and the NUS are working closely to make sure that young Samoans and Samoans who are unemployed to get the widest range of choices and able to study at the NUS with the benefit of new equipment and then have the option of doing further study at the A.P.T.C. on a rational basis.

“We urge the NUS to take good care of the equipment, to make sure it’s put to best use and all the best to the students who are studying,” she said.

Prof. Fui on the other hand had returned the favour of acknowledging this donation.

“The council management, the students of the university and the people of Samoa, first and foremost would like to thank the A.P.T.C. and the Government of Australia for the donation of this valuable equipment to the NUS.

“We now measure what we do and our standards by competency standards administered by the Samoa Qualifications Authority (S.Q.A.), a lot of that includes consumables and equipment to help us do this,” said Prof. Fui.

“It is not new that now and then we run out of consumables and equipment to help us, to take us to those competency standards,” he added.

These resources and equipment will now be housed under the supervision of the Faculty of Applied Sciences, now led by its newly appointed Dean, Mr James Ah Fook.

Caption: Photo 1: LONG TERM PARNTERSHIP: (l-r) NUS VC & President, Prof. Fui Asofou So’o,

Acting High Commissioner of Australia to Samoa, Rosemary McKay and A.P.T.C Country Manager,

Mrs Pat Vella.

Photo 2: Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Resources and equipment worth over ST$40,000 donated

by A.P.T.C.

By Katalina Tovia (*Katalina Tovia is a final year media and journalism student at NUS)

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