On behalf of the Faculty of Health Science, a warm welcome and thank  you for visiting our Faculty’s webpage. This Faculty is relatively  new and is comprised of the School of Nursing and the School of  Medicine. Our diverse teaching faculty and staff strive to provide a  high quality educational experience which is ultimately focused on  supporting the growth of the health sector workforce in Samoa. This is  in keeping with the National University of Samoa’s vision to being  recognized "nationally, regionally and internationally as a vibrant  and innovative centre of excellence" and a provider of "quality  teaching and training across all disciplines".

Through rigorous programs which strengthen technical and practical  competency in the fields of nursing, midwifery and medicine, our  graduates are able to perform with excellence within the workplace. Many of our instructors, in addition to being practitioners in their  fields of instruction, are currently pursuing or have achieved post  graduate qualifications in their fields of specialty. There is also a  great emphasis on research with research projects being pursued in  collaboration with regional universities and recent graduates have  been provided with the opportunity to gain field experience with  ongoing research projects.

Please see our staff and program pages to learn more, or send us an  email if you have any additional inquiries. We look forward to hearing  
from you.

Kind regards
Faculty of Health Science"


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