As Dean of the faculty, I welcome you all to our website. We are extremely pleased that you have taken the time to learn more about our exceptional learning-based academic programmes and the potential that they hold in shaping    our future business leaders.We encourage you to explore our website to gain better insights into our programme offerings in accounting, economics, management, marketing, commercial law and banking and finance. Of particular note to explore, is our Bachelor of Commerce programme. Here, students engage in practical business learning opportunities ranging from managing financial accounts to marketing and preparing a business plan for new products. For a more practical choice in career, see Courses and Programmes.

Delivering these programmes is a diverse professional staff characterized by a combination of formal academic training coupled with experienced-based business learning. Our professional resource evidently supports the            university's vision in being recognized "nationally, regionally and internationally as a vibrant ad innovative centre of excellence" and "quality teaching and training across all disciplines".

Moreover, our ability to carry out this vision is validated by the success of our graduates, as evidenced by many of the current business leaders in Samoa who are products of our Bachelor of Commerce programme, as well as by meeting the high standards of the international premier business school accrediting organization, Eduniversal.

We are committed to offering quality education, while advancing our students' educational experience through multidisciplinary learning to be an incubator for intellectual ideas that have real world applications to modernize our faculty. Thus, I hope that you take the opportunity to visit our faculty and experience for yourself the positive attitude here at our faculty.

Best regards,
Seve Tuipe’a ‘Aloimaina Folototo Seve
Dean of the Faculty of Business and Entrepreneurship



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