Talofa lava and welcome, to the Financial  Services Division of the National University of Samoa. The Financial Services Division consists of three (3) sub-sections

1.         Finance

2.         Printery and Bookshop

3.         Gymnasium


Our key responsibilities are to assist with all financial related matters for  improvement of services within the university to its internal and external stakeholders.

1. Finance

Students Affairs :This sub-section is headed by the Senior Finance Officer (Student Affairs ) supervising the Student Affairs Officer & Cashier . Core responsibilities are issuing of invoices, receipting /banking  of cash received and action approved student refunds .Issuing of invoices are for the following purposes:

-          to register students during enrolment for fees payable for the corresponding semester using ARTENA System

-          Issuing of invoices from authorized invoice book to relevant ministries, companies and institutions for approved tuition sponsorships from them each semester.

-          Issuing of invoices for the use of  university’s rental facilities (i.e.: Gym, conference rooms, Fale Samoa, Teaching facilities and Sports field)

Assets:This is supervised by the Finance Accountant with its Finance Officer (Assets) as team – leader supervising two Assistant Finance Officers (Assets). Main responsibilities are as follows:

-          Asset physical labeling

-          Asset system registration (Excel/ATTACHE)

-          Prepares /submit  asset report for all assets proposed for write-offs

Coordinating auction for all assets approved for write-off (except Motor vehicles/Buildings

Procurement:  The Finance Officer (Procurement)ensures all invoices received must be supported by authorized purchase orders (POs) before processing payment vouchers (PVs) routing through the normal payment process .POs are signed every Mondays/Wednesdays while orders are cleared from suppliers every Tuesdays/Thursdays

Payments:  Cheques will be issued for payments when a commitment has gone through the audit clearance and has met all financial requirements .

  1. Payments in Person: Payments of Cash,Cheque or EFTPOS can be paid at our finance office , Ifilele Building.
  2. Online Payments:payments can go directly into the University’s bank account ,bank details can be found via email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and receipts will be  sent to ensure your payments have been processed accordingly .
  3. Payments via Credit Card: To   access credit card payments individuals are to  download and complete  the NUS Credit Card form  (please click on  link below). Receipts of payments will be emailed when it has been processed.
  4. NUS Credit Card  Form

Download Credit Card Form Here

Payroll:Finance Officer (Payroll) and Assistant  Finance Officer (Payroll) prepares two fortnightly payrolls in each consecutive week.