The National University of Samoa Students’ Association was established in 2002. The association is comprised of a students’ executive committee including representatives elected from each Faculty, School/Centre and all registered students as members of the association. The main purpose of the association is to provide student support, advocate for students rights and issues affecting the student body and the promotion of the student’s interest and general welfare. 



To ensure that our students are provided with all the support they need during their time on campus, the association offers academic support and advice on course and program selection as well as planning. The executive committee members are always happy to provide guidance and support to any student seeking assistance regarding student related issues and academics. Furthermore, the association has been involved in various developments in the university including the NUS Campus Master Plan and collaboration with the Academic Quality Unit to ensure that our students are provided quality education. Other services provided by the association include:

  •          A free-printing service for students
  •          Study area at the NUSSA Centre (located at the ocean-side of campus)
  •          Academic guidance and support
  •          Students issues
  •          Financial support for student-related activities
  •          Projects 

Faculty of Apllied Science                                          International Students                                                       Financial Services                                                         NUS Statutes, Regulations and Policies

Faculty of Arts                                                            Current Students                                                               ICT                                                                                Planning

Faculty of Business and Entrepreneurship                Student Administration                                                      Properties and Maintenance                                         Secretariat

Faculty of Education                                                  Student Support Services                                                  Human Resource

Faculty of Health Science                                          Scholarships

Faculty of Science


Centre for Samoan Studies                                        

Oloamanu Centre



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