Research is at the centre of our University’s forward strategy. Indeed, the vision of the National University of Samoa (NUS) is to be a `vibrant and innovative University of Excellence in Research, Samoan Studies, and Quality Education and Training, which is responsive to National Development Needs.’

Research is the dynamic stimulus for the University’s intellectual life. It is designed to feed into the University’s multidisciplinary teaching, reinforce and enrich it, and explore ways and means of manifesting ideas in practical solutions for Samoa, the Pacific region, and the world.  

As the Vice Chancellor and President of the NUS, I commend our University Council for the wise vision, as well as the University Research and Ethics Committee (UREC), our academic staff and researchers for  their commitment to an essential undertaking.

With the increasing vertical and horizontal integration of our research activities, I look forward to a more concerted approach towards deepening the intellectual foundations and extending the scope of our research function. Ex hypothesi, without any plan, any path will do. We have a plan.

Professor Fui Le'apai Tu'ua 'Īlaoa Asofou So'o

Vice-Chancellor and President

National University of Samoa





The vision of the National University of Samoa (NUS) is to become an internationally recognised institution of excellence in Samoan studies and to provide a diverse and quality public tertiary education. To fulfil this vision, NUS established the University Research and Ethics Committee (UREC) to enable its members to increase the performance and quality standing of research and consultancy within the University.



  1. To formulate and recommend to Council Research Policies
  2. To formulate and recommend to Council Funding Policies
  3. To approve research ethics applications and funding proposals
  4. To provide financial assistance (through competitive funding rounds) to researchers from within and outside the University
  5. To play a supervisory and monitoring role in the research area on behalf of the University
  6. To recommend the acquisition of such infrastructure needed within the University (such as major items of equipment, software) to help researchers achieve their goals
  7. To consider and approve ethics applications for all proposed research and teaching projects involving human subjects, to ensure compliance with ethical standards
  8. To provide advice with regard to ethical standards to anyone undertaking such research or teaching
  9. To provide a forum for handling complaints or queries about ethical matters in research
  10. To work collaboratively with national and private research institutes.


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UREC Secretariat:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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